KoboKobo to Focus Exclusively on eReaders and Apps (GoodeReader)
The brand new Kobo H2O waterproof e-reader started shipping last week and CEO Michael Tamblyn said had achieved the highest rate of pre-orders of any other Kobo device. However, he also revealed tablet devices were no longer a focus area for the company. Instead, it will concentrate on three main e-reader models, the Kobo Touch, Kobo Aura and the new H2O.

Librarians, IT Experts Respond to Adobe Spying Accusations (The Digital Shift)
OverDrive, Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 platform, and the 3M Cloud Library all use Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe digital rights management (DRM) to secure popular fiction and nonfiction ebook titles for downloadable lending.­­

Authors Guild Names New Executive Director (PW)
The Authors Guild announced this morning that Mary Rasenberger, a lawyer and six-year Copyright Office and Library of Congress veteran, will take over as executive director of the organization on November 3.

Diversifying Your Reading Beyond Gender & Race (Book Riot)
While gender and race are two significant characteristics that can lead to wildly different life experiences on the part of authors (and readers), they are hardly the only ones that might make a writer different from his or her potential audience.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Spellman Files (and others)

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