Apple Store Offers Free Downloads Through its iOS App (Mashable)Morning Rounup
Now the Apple Store app comes with a little extra oomph: a free download. Starting Friday, Apple will offer one free app, iTunes download or iBook every week through its iOS app.

Feedly goes Pro: $5 per month for better search, security and more (Engadget)
Log into your free ‘n easy Feedly RSS service this morning and you may be offered the opportunity to make it less free, but potentially even easier to use. An upgrade to Feedly Pro will normally cost $5 per month or $45 per year, but it’s also currently be sold for $99 with a lifetime membership for the first 5,000 claimants.

How Justin Smith remakes media companies — and why the Atlantic will be fine without him (paidContent)
Justin Smith has quietly become one of the most important figures in media today. One of his many strengths is building media companies that can thrive even after he leaves.

University buys e-books, but students favor print (Minnesota Daily)
Electronic books, or e-books, are gaining popularity among college-aged students and educators, including those at the University of Minnesota. While e-books currently account for only 6 percent of textbook sales at University Bookstores, that number is growing, said assistant director Martha Hoppe. While colleges and universities nationwide invest in e-books, students still opt for traditional paper books for academic reading, according to a recent study.

Kindle Daily Deals: “The Sky Unwashed” by Irene Zabytko


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