kindle unlimitedHere’s How Amazon Could Fix Kindle Unlimited (Terrible Minds)
So, Amazon — you and me, we’re pals. We’re cuddlebuddies, right?

I’m going to fix Kindle Unlimited for you.

I’m going to blow it open and make it awesome for authors.

TeleRead Take: I’m usually not a fan of Chuck Wendig (he’s often too extreme for me), but he make such good sense here that it’s worth sharing. Nothing exactly new but still good stuff, in Wendig’s unique style. 😉

The New World of Publishing: The Real Price of Traditional Publishing (Dean Wesley Smith)
Now I could go on and on about the illusionary “support” traditional publishers and agents say they give writers, but anyone who has dealt with that system for any length of time knows that’s just gotten worse as well in the last ten years. Far, far worse. So I’m going to skip that sink-hole for this blog and just talk about the real costs of selling a book to a traditional publisher.

TeleRead Take: Smith breaks down the numbers here, and they are eye-opening. He shows that to equal a typical traditional advance, a genre book needs to sell 35 copies a year. To put this in perspective, except for 2011 (when I published my first fiction book in December), I have consistently sold 35 copies a year of each of my fiction books. (In 2011, I sold 28 in that one month.) So I am making more from my books than the average traditionally published genre author, and I’m no where near quitting my various day jobs. Scary.

iOS 9 will automatically delete your apps to free space for updates (Cult of Mac)
Upgrading to a new version of iOS isn’t an easy task if you’ve got a device with 16GB or storage or less. Starting with iOS 9 though, Apple’s going to help you free up space by automatically deleting your apps. But don’t worry, it’ll put them right back after updates are done.

TeleRead Take: As long as my iPad puts them back, I’m okay with this. I’ve done the app delete dance for an upgrade before. I think I’d rather do the Gangnam Style…

6 Ways Evernote Embraces Handwriting (Evernote Blog)
Sometimes you’re out and about and there’s no better way to capture an idea than to write it down or sketch it out on your phone. With Evernote for Android, you’ve got handwriting built in.

TeleRead Take: For you, Paul. 🙂

Kindle Daily Deals: Cold Judgment


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