InstapaperInstapaper Opens Its API, Gives Free Users More App Options (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Instapaper announced on its blog yesterday that it was loosening a restriction on the Instapaper API, finally making it possible for free Instapaper users to use any 3rd-party app which supports Instapaper.

TeleRead Take: As a huge lover of Instapaper, I’m always glad when users have more options. Like Nate, however, I’m not familiar with 3rd party options, but I’d love to hear of good ones to try.

Business Musings: Gaming the System (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
It has taken the latest Kindle Unlimited Apocalypse (KUpocalypse 2? KUpocalypse Part Deux? KUpocalypse XXL?) to help me understand my visceral reaction to all of those writers who game the system.

TeleRead Take: It’s appalling to me that some authors seem to think that readers are there to just buy books, not read them. Completely agree with everything Kris says in this essay.

This Tiny Box Is Your Home’s Defense Against Hackers (Time)
In Batman Begins, there’s a scene where the Dark Knight’s nemesis Scarecrow pours psychoactive drugs into the water supply in order to poison the people of Gotham City. Never in my life have I imagined that I’d ever use a Christian Bale movie as a metaphor for the Internet, but I can’t deny the reality that I’ve recently witnessed firsthand. Never mind super-villains — the web is crawling with real criminals continually pouring nastiness into our system of tubes, and as a result, we’re gulping down data from some seriously tainted pipes.

TeleRead Take: Anytime Batman is used as an analogy in a tech article is a good day by me. This sounds like something I might want to consider, though. Kind of eye opening.

15 waterproof tablet and e-reader cases (eBook Friendly)
In this updated post you’ll find the best waterproof cases and sleeves for popular tablets and e-readers.

TeleRead Take: Anyone heading for the beach this weekend? You’ll want ample protection!

Kindle Daily Deals: This House is Haunted (and others)


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