E-textbook company Kno has popped out a press release saying that it found 95% of college students who used its e-textbook application “found it very useful and plan to use it again”. The company conducted a study with four California community colleges, on 400 students and faculty in 27 classes using an open-source statistics textbook.

"It is exciting to see the book brought to life through digital enhancements by Kno," said Barbara Illowsky, a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, De Anza College [and co-author of the statistics textbook]. "The student feedback reinforces the need for more instructors to incorporate digital learning into the classroom to make learning fun and engaging."

Of course, the study was done by Kno, so it’s not terribly surprising that it produced positive results. But it’s interesting to see that the company will work with open-source material, not just locked-down stuff published by the big textbook companies. And the fact that 54% of students who used Kno textbooks received an A in the class might suggest a bright future for digital course material—at least at colleges.

(Found via EBookNewser.)


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