From Andrys Basten’s A Kindle World Blog:

Recently, a family member recently told me he was frustrated by trying to read webpages with tiny fonts, and I saw a Kindle news blog saying not much had been done to improve the Kindle Fire.

I replied that the new Kindle Fire feature, Reading View for web-article reading that isolates the article, is done VERY well, and it’s brought me back to Amazon’s Silk browser from Dolphin HD (Android) web browers which I had far preferred until Amazon’s Reading View feature was added to its Silk browser.

  The new feature makes a huge difference for most who use the web browser on a 7′ tablet if they know about it (and that’s the key, or at least one of them).  For those who don’t know about the ‘Reading View’ feature, look for the reading glasses icon in the bottom status bar when at a web page article.

See the article for the rest of the details.

(Via A Kindle World blog.)


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