firehd6Amazon’s six-inch HD 6 tablet is on sale today for $69.99, $30 off, through midnight Pacific Time.

The HD 6 will give you a faster chip and sharper screen (252 pixels per inch) than the $50 Fire tablet (171 ppi). Movies look more vibrant. And the six incher’s audio is also superior.

I own them both (yes, at least in the lower price ranges, I eat the dog food so you don’t have to).

So which do I  personally use the most often? The cheaper model. 

I like the econo-Fire’s seven-inch screen and ability to work with memory cards. I use the $50 model with Moon+ Reader Pro. It allows the all-text bold that Amazon so lamentably refuses to give us in its own e-reading software. With all bold in use, I can live with the lower screen res.

That said, you should study the specs of both models, if you’re in the market for a cheap machine, and decide what will serve your own purposes.

In both cases, the above prices are for the basic models with 8GB storage.

Reviewing the HD 6, TeleRead’s Juli Monroe wrote: “I have been impressed at the quality of this tablet. It doesn’t feel or perform like a sub-$100 device (okay, it’s just barely under $100). Amazon won’t win any design awards for it, but it’s solidly built and feels good to use. I do prefer the design of my iPad, but that’s to be expected in a device that costs so much more. Performance has been snappy. It has a quad-core processor, and I’ve experienced little to no lag. I think the Scribd app actually works better on my Fire than on my phone or iPad.”


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