IMG_20151107_170417While on the road with my new $50 Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, I hit problems that I haven’t been able to properly solve. The onboard camera app simply crashed every time I tried to take a picture. The actual crash came just after ticking to save the image, so I suspect this is a memory management rather than an app problem. Nonetheless, it’s a pain.

I tried the various picture save options to see if anything would help – nothing did. Nothing in the Manage Storage option of the Fire’s Photos menu. Nothing under Cloud Drive either. Turning the Auto-Save options for the Cloud Drive on or off didn’t help. Force closing the app via Settings then restarting it didn’t help. Basically, the thing was stuck for no clear reason.

There is one alternative that does fix the problem, though. Simply install another camera application, either by copying an .apk file onto the Fire, or via the Google Play Store, if you’ve installed this on your Fire. I installed Google’s own Camera app, and it works fine. Okay, it saves pictures to a DCIM folder on the Fire’s main memory, rather than to the microSD card, but that’s a small price to pay for a working camera.

If anyone else has run across this problem on their Kindle Fire and come up with a different fix, I’d be interested to hear. The $50 Fire attracted some criticism for its low-quality 2MB camera, but few buyers seem to be put off by that issue in itself. So it would be nice to have a working camera app to go with it.


  1. Seems the built-in camera app is working just fine on my $50 Fire. But I do come across some strange issues, especially after plugging in the SD card, like some games can’t be downloaded or can’t run… I wonder they need some fix to make their OS more stable.

    Have you tried Mayday to see if they can give some advice? I’m going to reset my tablet and see if everything work well after. Hope they can release bug fix on their OS soon…

  2. I have a Amazon fire phone and its camera is not working at all. On opening the camera the message that appear is “Can’t open the camera to open Camera Restart your phone” On restarting the phone it doesn’t work. Can anyone help ?

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