Amazon has a press release out (found on Engadget) indicating that it is now selling 105 Kindle e-books (not counting freebie downloads) for every 100 print books it sells in the US. It also reports that the ad-supported Kindle With Special Offers is the current best-selling Kindle device.

Meanwhile, FutureBook reports that for every 100 hardback books Amazon has sold in the UK, it has sold 242 Kindle e-books. (There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent comparison to all print titles such as the one on the US press release, however, making it hard to make a comparison.)

The press release also notes that over 790,000 of the Kindle Store’s 950,000 e-books are priced at $9.99 or less, meaning people who don’t want to put up with agency priced hardcovers have plenty of reasonably-priced alternatives to choose from.

It’s impressive that Amazon is managing to move that many e-books. It will be interesting to see how rumored changes including tablets and EPUB compatibility affect the rate of e-book adoption.


  1. Thanks for this news. I am wondering to know what you meant in detail by ‘how rumored changes including tablets and EPUB compatibility affects the rate of ebook adoption’. Would you let me know any other story to back up this rumored changes? Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, beatrice

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