wifi.jpgThe Financial Times is reporting that Israel has banned the importation of iPads and will also confiscate any iPads that are being brought into the country by passengers at airports. This has been reported before.

What is new, however, is that the Times is reporting that an Israeli spokesman said that Israel’s network is run on a European system and that European countries should take similar measures to protect their networks.

Could this be the real reason that export of the iPad has been delayed?


  1. Right… I love this politics and the idiot press bull.

    So the REAL TECHNICAL question should be asked by the idiot press…

    Are all US laptops banned from entry into Israel? If not, why “this particular” Apple Branded device using a typical configuration of a typical technology for Wifi?

    I would love to hear the backtracking when they asked those actual tech reporting type questions.


  2. At this point the Real Reason[tm] is unknown and it’s all pure speculation.

    @newzgeek: That conspiracy theory is based on the idea that the iPhone and iPad use the same Broadcom chipset to do wi-fi. I don’t believe that is accurate.

    Those giving the ‘wi-fi signal strength causes problems in Israel’ reason seem a bit confused. It apparently is too strong (drowns out local wi-fi users) and too weak (doesn’t work with local equipment)

    Or the purely bureaucratic explanation:

    The Israeli goverment electronic certification people just haven’t finished checking it out for some reason.

    The one I “like” the best 🙂 (however unlikely) — US iPads support wi-fi using 802.11A which in Israel is restricted to military applications so it has to be disabled.

    But the most important thing bears repeating –

    Don’t take an iPad to Israel (yet).

  3. The real problems is that communication minister in Israel is leaded by a group of morons that does not have any clue about communication.

    Israeli standars are same as european so the Ipad is OK from the standars point of view. Furthermore, there are lots of devices (Macs, Ipods Iphones) in Israel with similar standards already approved.

    I believe now this morons are waiting for a leder to get down from the tree as it;s a joke all over the world.

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