bookshelfYesterday I mentioned that self-driving cars might eventually provide opportunities for ample distractions, including reading. As it happens,  connected car company Harman and automotive design firm Rinspeed have produced a concept car called “Σtos” (how do you even pronounce that?) that explores some of these possibilities.

The car features some interesting design flourishes, such as a steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard and multifunction displays in front of driver and passenger. Harman is also looking at using cameras to analyze where the driver is looking for signs of distraction. But the feature most germane to TeleRead folks was that the passenger’s dashboard hosts a nook intended for use as a bookshelf—for paper books. So even in the Car Of The Future, people are still reading on paper!

It’s probably a good idea, as the display screens in the dash look a bit too far away to be used for optimal e-reading. They’re about tablet-sized, but people usually hold their tablets closer than the dash to read text.

In any event, the “bookshelf” would also provide a handy enough place to stick an e-reader or a tablet if you had one along—and it would have room for a lot more than four hardcover books on it. So the purpose of TeleReading is still duly served!


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