HAPPINESS_IS_A_WARM_BLANKET_CHARLIE_BROWN_CVRThe Humble Bundle has come out with another one of those pay-what-you-want charity bundles that provides a chance to get something well-loved for an amazingly low price. $15 and up will bring you 14 (so far) Peanuts books, available in DRM-free PDF, CBZ, and EPUB formats, with a total value of up to $171 (so far). Five are available for any amount, six more unlock when you beat the average (currently $10.63), and three at $15.

I say “so far” because, as usual, still more books will be added in about six days, which you’ll get automatically if you’ve already bought in. For now, the bundle is available for purchase just over 13 more days.

As usual for the Humble Bundle, the purchase amount can be split among the books’ publishers, two charities (Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), and a tip to help keep the Humble Bundle itself funded. Sliders allow you to customize what amount goes to each recipient.

As a side note, the other Humble Book Bundle currently going on celebrates the return of Bruce Campbell to the screen as his most popular character, Ash from the Evil Dead series, with a bundle of Army of Darkness comic books to benefit Doctors Without Borders, the Make a Wish Foundation, and the CBLDF. It’s available for just over six more days.


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