AReadersManifesto-BlogThe reading-friendly work of comic artist Grant Snider has appeared before multiple times in Teleread, but no apology for linking to the latest reading advocacy strip on his website, “A Reader’s Manifesto.” And you can see from the content just how in favor of reading he is, and how good his work would be as campaign material for any literacy or library advocacy initiative.

Snider explains that “I made this manifesto for the Colombian newspaper El Espectador. Thanks to editor Daniel Jimenez Quiroz!” And as usual, posters for the graphic are are available at his online shop.

This makes double sense in the context of the Slow Book Movement and other bids to get people to slow down and devote more time to reading. And I’m not going to bitch for one moment that Grant Snider appears to be privileging print books over the digital variety. Books is books. Lovely stuff.


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