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Update: Price is $150 once more, as I write this. I’m going to stop updating, probably. But you know where to go. Happy bargain-hunting! – D.R., 1:34 p.m.

The $100 price tag on the 8GB version of Amazon’s HD8 Fire tablet didn’t last long. It returned to the normal $150. But guess what. It’s back at least temporarily to the $79.99 it was earlier.

I went for the $100 deal and just now successfully went for price protection, with a $20 refund on the way. The price protection time limit on Amazon-sold product is seven days within delivery.

If you’re too late and the price is $150 again by the time you’re reading this, keep in mind that Amazon just might stage another flash sale, maybe as part of price testing. In case it does, here’s the some information to consider. When I tried the HD8 at Best Buy, I found it was a good size for reading, and at 189 pixel per inch, the PPI count of the 1280 by 800 screen is actually better than on Amazon’s 10-inch model. Not everyone will care about resolution above a certain level. I myself don’t as much as some people do. Still, I would agree with that more won’t hurt.

At any rate, it’s been said that Amazon isn’t bragging as much about resolution as before because perhaps readers (the human kind) tend to be more interested in movies than books despite the R word I’ve just used. Bigger market.

That’s all the more reason not to take full-strength mass literacy for granted and for schools and libraries to do their jobs. Of course, it would also help to include such options in e-book software as all-bold. The more comfortably people can read on tablets, the more likely they are to do so.

Enough. Now go over to if you think the current HD8 is for you. If you need more memory, the 16GB version is $99.99 as of this writing

Note: The link in the first paragraph is an Amazon affiliate link, though we’d be publishing this post with or without participation in the Amazon program. $79.99 is simply a good price. Let’s see if it sticks.

(Hats off to Nathan and Nate for spotting the original $79 deal.)


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