Flipboard for Android finally received an update to version 2.0. The biggest new feature of this update is the ability to create and share personalized magazines. This feature was first introduced for iOS a couple months ago. Flipboard 2.0 also utilizes Android’s native sharing functionality. You’ll be able to save content to a Flipboard magazine from other applications such as the photo gallery or Web browser.  Once you create a magazine, you can choose to share it on social networks, through email or text message.

One downside to the magazines is that some articles can’t be read in full from the Flipboard application. You’ll get a portion of the full Web experience, but will eventually have to open the Web browser to see the rest. However, having the option to add content into a magazine from outside Flipboard gives the Android version a slight advantage. Users won’t have to change their normal online browsing habits to get the most out of Flipboard’s magazines. I’d imagine this will result in more content being shared with Flipboard from Android devices. Flipboard did try to make content discovery easier by adding a search option on the main page, but it’s no substitute for a frequently used Web browser.

Download Link [Google Play]

• This article originally appeared on GadgeTell, a TeleRead sister site.


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