EmaticChildren-focused tablets very rarely come with top-notch specs and features in tow, but you can at least count on them to be cheap. In the case of Ematic’s latest, called FunTab Mini 2, really, really cheap.

This slate is just $69.99 and is available already via Amazon and Tiger Direct, but be warned, if your kid knows the first thing about technology, he’ll kick your behind if you purchase it. Luckily, the Mini 2 is targeted mostly at very young children (as in aged seven or less), so there’s only a faint possibility you could get into trouble.

Now, what does the FunTab Mini 2 pack under its hood? Not much. Specifically, a Cortex A8 (say what?)-based 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage, plus microSD support.

EmaticIn terms of software, you get the aging Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, but it’s not like there’s open access to Google Play anyway. The software is also heavily customized, running something called Zoodles Kid Mode, plus there are oodles of pre-installed little games and educational apps.

On the outside, the thing doesn’t exactly look like a tablet, but more like a robust phone, with big rubberized edges. That’s the good news, while the bad is the actual screen (sans the huge bezel part) is only a 4.3-incher with a pitiful 480 x 272 pixels resolution. Oh well—at least it’s cheap.

• This post originally appeared on GadgeTell.


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