You know your operating system has privacy problems when the pirates start banning it.

Seriously, TorrentFreak reports that a number of BitTorrent sites are actively banning Windows 10 users from connecting to their trackers, out of fear that the operating system could be snitching on them to anti-piracy crusaders. It has to do with a line in Microsoft’s EULA that permits Microsoft to “prevent you from […] playing counterfeit games”.

Microsoft hasn’t clarified exactly what the contentious section means, and I doubt it will. Personally, I suspect they’re overreacting; it sounds like it’s extending the same system that makes sure your Windows OS is genuine to covering Microsoft video games. There’s no indication Microsoft intends to apply the service t third-party games. But I could see pirates erring on the side of caution anyway, especially with all the stuff that’s been in the news about potential Windows 10 privacy issues in general.

Of course, if you’re worried about getting caught downloading pirated games, there’s one simple solution to it, even simpler than not upgrading to Windows 10.

Don’t pirate games.


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