It takes a geek or a Scot, or better still, both at once, to obsess over cheap touchscreen styluses, and I plead guilty to one charge and embrace the other. And I reported on this issue a short while back, styluses are now pushing into an increasingly bargain category of everyday stationery, rather than premium tech accessories. Now even those price points have been breached, however, with the advent of truly rock-bottom styluses that still get the job done.

The three styluses pictured above all cost less than two Euros ($2.35) each. And the two plastic upper ones, although from the local One Euro Shop chain in Budapest, actually breached that price point slightly – at EUR1.26 each, or $1.54. And all of them are not only just as workable for smartphone or tablet as any stylus I’ve ever used, but also light enough to carry around conveniently and disposable enough not to have to worry about. There’s now no need for me to ever buy a more expensive stylus again.

For an onscreen handwriting obsessive like myself, it’s a leap forward, and shows the extent to which touchscreens have become domesticated and normalized. At this rate, non-touchscreen PCs and dumbphones are increasingly going to be the penalized minority, while smartphones and tablets increasingly define all device interaction across the board.


  1. Another indication is the advent of corporate branded stylus/pens, that are given away by companies as advertising.

    I was given a multi-function corporate branded item today., It is a pen ~ stylus ~ flashlight. Since it was a gift, it cost me nothing. I searched on the internet and found it at It probably cost US $ 3.50 or less, depending on how many were ordered at one time.

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