An Android app created by Swedish developer HomerSp, Cast Receiver, can turn any Android device into a receiver for Chromecast feeds, so long as the receiving device can connect to an HDTV. Although not at present available on the Google Play Store, Cast Receiver can be downloaded from the XDA Developers forum in a variety of flavors of apk for rooted and unrooted devices.

With Cast Receiver, your older Android devices can get a new lease of life as clients for feeds from most Chromecast-enabled programs. Not every Chromecast-capable app can cast via Cast Receiver, but the range that currently can is pretty extensive, including Chrome for Android and PCs, YouTube, Google Play Music and Movies, and – with a little tweaking – screencast with some devices. And since Chromecast works with Chrome for PCs, you can use the functionality from your desktop or laptop as well.

Schools and other institutions currently using Chromecast for class and lecture rooms may find this saves them money and allows more casting options. Others who have yet to try it may simply that old phone or tablet to work. I am certainly going to try Cast Receiver on my aging Rikomagic Android TV stick to see what it can manage.

This can also be a fix for one of the less welcome features of Chromecast – the large number of Chromecast sticks, including mine, that have become defective and no longer recognize the network. This is a fault that upgrades so far have not fixed. At least now I may be able to get Chromecast back – without the stick.


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