As it happens, I had a pleasant trip in from Indianapolis yesterday. On the bus, I ended up seated next to Susie Rodarme of BookRiot, whose stories we’ve discussed here a couple of times. We and our other seatmates made pleasant conversation, and discussed a variety of things including the digital devices we were using. After that, I had time for a little sight-seeing, before meeting Peter Hudson of Shelfie who is graciously allowing me to use the spare bed in his hotel room.

But now, here we are: the first day of BEA. I made sure to arrive promptly at 8:00 to pick up my press pass, then I wandered around the floor a little. (I probably shouldn’t have been able to, but none of the security guards I encountered told me I shouldn’t. From a distance, my press badge looks just like exhibitor badges, so they probably assumed I was supposed to be there.) As it happened, almost nobody was at their booths yet—I later found out that the show doesn’t officially open until 1 p.m. But I did have time to check out a number of booths that looked interesting enough to come back and visit later.

One section of the show did open at 9:00 a.m., which is a whole section of remaindered-book dealers trying to line up buyers. I did find some fairly interesting books, but they were all samples of remainders in their warehouse—not for sale themselves. Too bad. I would have liked to buy a few of them at the wholesale prices they offered.


The area was ringed with security guards telling people they couldn’t leave the area yet, so I headed back out to the press room, where I’m sitting and posting this via WordPress on my Nexus 7.

I’m looking forward to everything kicking off at 1, and hope to have more to report later. For now, I just wanted to make sure this post goes through at all, so I’ll know WordPress is a workable blogging solution for when I have more to offer down the road.

If you happen to be at BEA, too, and would like to meet, please contact me via one of the contact and social media icons below my author bio. If you want to get me immediately, a Google Hangouts message via G+ or a Skype IM are probably your best bets.


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