9-CitizenIt seems that the pay-what-you-want book bundle has been getting more popular lately. They’re popping up all over the place. Here’s one called “BookBale” that features a number of major-name authors and books.

The pay-what-you-want has a minimum price of at least $2.99, and includes six books:

  • The Jesus Incident by Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom
  • Climbing Olympus by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Birthright: The Book of Man by Mike Resnick
  • Starplex by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Future Perfect by Nancy Kress
  • The Elvenbane by Mercedes Lackey & Andre Norton

If you pay at least $10, you also get:

  • The Hemingway Hoax by Joe Haldeman
  • Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Heinlein

The books are provided in DRM-free Mobi and EPUB formats. The bundle will be available for another 26 days.

Those are certainly some major name authors, including one of Heinlein’s more famous books. It’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t be worth paying $10 for all of that.


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