Here’s an update concerning BlackBerry’s suit against the Typo keyboard, a Bluetooth thumbboard add-on for iPhones (backed by Hollywood’s Ryan Seacrest!) that hewed a little too closely to Blackberry’s own patented keyboard design. Opining that BlackBerry was likely to succeed in the overall trial, a federal judge issued an injunction halting sales of the Typo keyboard case.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has announced it plans to create more keyboard-equipped phones. Given the recent setbacks of its touchscreen devices, and the disappearance of Palm, the only other major smartphone brand to place such a premium on a physical keyboard, it seems BlackBerry has figured out that its keyboard is one of the big things that makes it unique. It also sees its niche lies in focusing on business, and is going to try to aim in that direction rather than trying to compete with iOS and Android for general consumer marketshare. With that in mind, it might not be so surprising the company has decided it needs to take down the Typo.


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