Fullscreen capture 892013 100234 PM.bmpAnother brief Baen update: Baen e-books have started appearing on the Sony e-book store. It’s hard to tell how many, because it’s apparently not possible to search by publisher, but a number of Baen David Weber, David Drake, and other titles have started to show up. Baen publisher Toni Weisskopf said on the Baen Bar that a press release had been approved and was supposed to go out today, though I don’t find any sign of it on Google News yet.

The biggest surprise for me in all this is really that Sony is still selling e-books at all. Sony’s “make.believe” slogan seems especially relevant, since for all the impact they have on the marketplace, e-book stores are that aren’t Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo might as well be make-believe. It seems like an odd choice to put books in Sony when they still haven’t made inroads into Barnes & Noble or Kobo yet. Still, every little bit of marketplace helps, and I imagine negotiations with the other stores are still ongoing.


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