The incredibly prolific Good E-Reader blog is probably best known for covering just about every possible e-reading-related topic under the sun, but today a brief item was posted that I definitely didn’t see coming.

According to the post, the latest buzz regarding next week’s Frankfurt Book Fair has to do with the ever-present Angry Birds franchise. Apparently Rovio, the self-described “entertainment media company” that created Angry Birds, “has now resorted to making an e-book app.”

Unfortunately Rovio hasn’t shared many details about exactly what that means, although I guess we’ll know by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. If anyone happens to have any insider details about the app—what exactly it’ll do and how it’ll work, for instance—please fill us in! (In fact, Rovio hasn’t even specifically mentioned whether or not the app will be Angry Birds-branded.)

Tech Crunch, for instance, is suggesting that the app might be some sort of combination between a typical word-based narrative and an interactive game, which sounds about right to me.


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