SanDisk Ultra micro SDHere’s a pretty easy but informative way to find out what the most popular accessories and add-ons are for Amazon’s $50 Kindle Fire tablet. I Googled Amazon Best Sellers for Fire (5th Generation) Accessories, since the $50 Fire is the fifth-generation device, and came up with the following. You can do this yourself for more detailed information, but this is what Amazon is selling most of to go with its own 7-inch Fire.

In this quick summary, I’m listing the top ten Best Sellers in the sub-category by type, skipping over where there’s more than one color or model of the same type. And first on the list is SanDisk’s 32 GB micro SD memory card for the Fire’s external micro SD card slot, at $13.15. Second is Amazon’s 5W USB Official OEM Charger, followed by its own slightly more powerful  9W PowerFast charger, both at $19.99. Third is SquareTrade’s 2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection for Fire, for $17.99. Fourth is the NuPro Fire Screen Protector Kit, with a two-pack for $12.99. Fifth is the MoKo Fire 7 2015 Case at $14.99, just before Amazon’s own case at $24.99. Sixth is the family-friendly Amazon FreeTime Kid-Proof Case also for $24.99. Seventh is the Amazon Premium Headphones for $24.99. Eighth is the MoKo Fire 7 2015 Kids Shock Proof Convertible Handle Light Weight Super Protective Stand Cover for $17.95. Ninth is Amazon’s Fire 7″ Zip Sleeve, at $9.99. And tenth is Incipio iGo 6000mAh Power Pack at $19.99.

There it is: a rough guide to what America loves best to go with its Fires. Of course, it’s only based on one sub-category at Amazon itself, and could change soon, but for now those are your favorite choices.


  1. You might want to shop around on some of this stuff. Sandisk SD cards are overpriced for the low speed. I got a much faster Patriot card for half the price on Newegg. You can also get the same cases for $5 to $10 on Ebay, although you’ll have to wait awhile for delivery.

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