Alexa browserNot content with creating the new must-have gadget in the shape of the Echo, Amazon is now pushing its Alexa voice assistant technology into your browser. If you want to try opening and listening to your Audible audiobooks, and doing all the other fun things that Alexa lets you do, you can try Amazon’s new browser page and test Alexa functionality right there.

As you can see from this complete list of Alexa commands, you can use Alexa to play audiobooks, pause and stop, scroll through to the next chapter, and the various other functions you’d expect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it on mine, I suspect because my PC mike is pretty lousy, but logging in to my Amazon account worked fine. Since all of this is free and up for grabs for anyone who has an Amazon account and a browser, almost anyone can try it and probably should. And of course, with this Amazon is pushing out its Alexa platform even further, deeper into the home and into general use everywhere. The Echo won its faithful public as a highly desirable, fairly highly priced device – now you can try what makes it special for free. Can you use it as a mobile audio platform in your laptop to browse your Audible library everywhere? Now is the time to try.


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