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Amazon Fire tablet sale: 6-, 8-, 8.9- and 10-inch models—but not $50 7 incher


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firehd8Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet is on sale today for $130, a 13 percent or $20 discount. It’s worth consideration if you’re seriously into the Amazon ecosystem and value the company’s customer service. The eight-inch screen offers just 189 pixels per inch, a bit of disappointment, but still possibly tolerable for e-reading with the native reading software. Try the HD 8 first at a local store, if you can, to make sure.

The ten-inch HD 10 is also on sale, for $180, but if you’re into e-reading, you should definitely give it a pass even with the 22-percent $50 discount unless you’re planning to sideload Moon+ Reader Pro or something else that allows all-text bold (just remember—Moon can’t read DRMed books). The PPI count is a mere 149. That’s right—no typo. Even the $50 tablet, not on sale, is 171 PPI.

If you want a sharp view but don’t mind a smaller six inch screen, the HD 6 is around for $79.99, a 20 percent reduction. Its PPI count is an impressive 252. We’re not just talking numbers here. I have tried all three machines in person. The HD 6 really, really shines and is a great alternative if you want an econo-Amazon tablet and the $50 model’s screen is not good enough for you. Alas, it lacks a memory card slot or, at least for now, the latest Amazon operating system.

Also on sale is the Amazon Fire Kids Edition 7″ tablet + case ($90 / 20 percent off). That of course is the same 171 PPI as the $50 model by itself—nope, cases do not increase resolution.

Resolution issues probably won’t arise with other tablets on sale: the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd gen) ($100 / 35 percent) (216 PPI) and the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 tablet w/64GB ($430 / about 10 percent) (339 PPI).

In addition, you can buy an Amazon Fire TV with voice remote and 4K video support ($85).

Amazon bills this as a “holiday sale.” I don’t know how long it’ll last.

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