One day of consumerist gadget greed in a long weekend not enough for you? Well, here comes another. Amazon is already circulating Cyber Monday emails. “We are bringing you thousands of deals throughout the week for Cyber Monday Deals Week,” says the announcement. “Some Cyber Monday 2015 deals are in limited supply, and all will go quickly–but don’t worry if you miss one, because we’ll keep adding new ones, as often as every five minutes, all week long.”

The deals on offer already include a host of Kindle and Fire discounts, such as a 17 percent discount on the Kindle Paperwhite from $119.99 to $99.99, and a 30 percent discount on the Fire HD 6 from $99.99 to $69.99. There’s no specific expiry date given that I can see, but presumably Amazon will be as good as its word and let the deals run the entire week. If you want to make sure, though, make your Monday Cyber.

And if you’re hoping for the nightmare of unending greed to be over, Amazon is ready to bring you even more disappointment. “Stop by on Sunday, December 6, for the start of the 12 Days of Deals. You’ll find deals on gifts for everyone on your list. Fitness fanatics, movie buffs, handy men and women–we’ve got the deals you’ve been looking for.” Perfect for the pre-Christmas rush. Civilized Saturday never seemed like a better idea.


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