With a $10,000 research prize as well as thousands of periodicals for reading and study, I’ve very recently found a great resource for librarians, eReaders and classic pulp fiction fans.  With titles ranging from Collier’s Weekly to classic works of pulp such as Argosy, Weird Tales, and even Yank magazine, I’ve been reading for hours.

If this sounds interesting to you, then head on over to unz.org, a site I recently stumbled across when doing some research for my history blog.  Brought online by Ron Unz, who has been a huge fan of Wikipedia, there are thousand of resources to look through and examine.

While books, videos and other forms of media are available for viewing and use on the site, the historical periodicals are probably the biggest treasure.  You can search by title, genre, years of publication as well as the standard search function.

Doing research for my own blog, I’ll use Collier’s Weekly as an example.  Searching for the year of 1943, I can bring up the entire year for viewing, arranged by weeks, with linked titles which then go to the table of contents for each issue.  Within the table of contents the stories themselves are linked and once selected are viewable within the browser.

For the most part, the scans are good, but are different than magazines that might be viewed in Google Books, Archive.org and other resources.  Currently titles can only be viewed online or single pages downloaded in PDF format for further study.  While most non E Ink screens have no problem with this, I was not too successful in viewing and using the site on my Kindle.  However, further experimentation might be fruitful.

In the end, this amazing collection is certainly something worth considering for the researcher or fan of historical publications.  I’ve arranged some links below to give you some more background on this site.

Unz.org (main site)

Unz.org: A Researcher’s Secret Weapon

Unz Historical Research Competition

Image Source:  Archive.org, Famous Fantastic Mysteries.


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