kickstarterThe Downsides of the High Risk, Low Reward Kickstart Business Model (Dear Author)
The problem with Kickstarters is multi-layered and it requires anyone who donates to understand a couple things.

Piracy is Just as Much an Unknown With Apps As it is with Books (The Digital Reader)
Book piracy has always been hard to quantify, but it turns out that is almost as true for apps.

Authors Guild Gives Up Trying To Sue Libraries For Digitally Scanning Book Collection (Techdirt)
The Authors Guild is basically giving up in this case, saying that should the libraries change their practices, it may want to revisit the issue. But for now, it’s giving up the case while “reserving” its position.

eBooks Finding Their Place Among Young Readers (Digital Book World)
Two recent studies of children’s and families’ reading habits suggest that while young readers may not be flocking to ebooks in droves, they are figuring out where digital content fits into their reading lives.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Devil’s Necktie (and others)

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