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All the reviews of the new webOS-powered TouchPad that I’ve seen have been pretty mediocre – bemoaning the tablet’s weight, buggy software and lack of applications.  However, TechRepublic has a different take, so I thought I’d report it here:

Hewlett-Packard has finally delivered its webOS tablet, the TouchPad. While it may not be an entertainment powerhouse like the iPad, there’s a lot to like for business professionals.

On one hand, the HP TouchPad faces an uphill battle in the tablet market because the Apple iPad has been such a hit with the public and continues to gain momentum. On the other hand, the TouchPad has a great opportunity because the iPad’s current rivals — Android tablets and the BlackBerry PlayBook — haven’t exactly set the world on fire, and Microsoft and Intel haven’t really shown up yet with a true iPad competition.

After working with the TouchPad for a week, I’m ready to declare it the iPad’s stiffest competition yet for individual business professionals, who currently represent a quiet but very large portion of the iPad user base. The TouchPad is no match for the iPad when it comes to media, entertainment, and games, but for those who want the portability of a tablet but the work ethic of a desktop, the TouchPad has raised the bar on productivity.


More, including a video, in the review. Thanks to Laisvunas Sopauskas for the catch.


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