scribd adds publisher wileyScribd has just announced a partnership with Wiley to bring reference works, including the popular “For Dummies” series to the subscription service.

According to the release, this adds 1,000 of Wiley’s books to the service.

I think this adds quite a bit of value to Scribd and their readership. I’m a big fan of the “For Dummies” books and recommend them frequently when clients ask “how can I do ???” especially in technical areas. I created my first website many years ago with the help of a “For Dummies” book, learned the basics of Excel and bought one of the reference works to help my son learn algebra.

Adding that body of reference works to a subscription service is fantastic. There are a few “For Dummies” books I’ve been planning to read that aren’t available at my library. I just checked, and the two I wanted most, Scrivener for Dummies and Evernote for Dummies are available! Considering the monsoon-like rain we’re having in Northern Virginia today, I just might curl up with one of them.

Oh, when I downloaded the image to use for this article I noticed Dog Training for Dummies. Really? Does my library of books I want to read need to get that much larger?

What about you? Any “For Dummies” book you’re most excited about reading in Scribd?


  1. You just made me consider if there is a One Note for Dummies ebook out there.

    Well look at that… click buy now

    Thank you Juli!

    And yes I do get the irony of using a post about subscribing to books to impulse buy a book 🙂

    • @BOB, whatever works for you. Although, I must point out that that same $8.99 you paid for it would have gotten you an entire month on Scribd. Or two months, if you include the 30 day trial. 🙂

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