Pocket-lint has found this display at Display Taiwan.  From the article:

It’s red and gold rather than the average hue of greyscale because the actual technology is Cholesteric LCD or Ch-LCD rather than e-ink itself. And, it can even be manufactured by the roll, so the length isn’t really an issue.

The technology doesn’t require any form of backlight and is, apparently, very powerefficient, according to those we spoke to on the ITRI stand.

For those wanting a pixel count though, we’re afraid we don’t have one – there was no mention of it, in fact, and the company was unforthcoming – but the Chinese characters displayed didn’t look pixelated at all. Very sharp.

Some of the potential uses for this technology could include re-usable low-cost advertisement displays and other large, but simple screen usage where response time and colour wouldn’t be of importance.


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