Proofreaders-to-Be: Loving Books Isn’t Enough (Louise Harnby)The Floating Mouth
I recently received a phone call from someone thinking about a career in proofreading. “I just wondered if you could spare five minutes to tell me how to go about starting a proofreading business.”
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Piracy a Major Threat to Digital Publishers in China (Good e-Reader)
As it has been the case anywhere else in the world, publishers in China too are waking up to the impact that digital publishing is expected to have in the domestic publishing industry in future. However, publishers fear the rampant piracy prevalent in the country could cast a pall of gloom in the segment.
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Did the Death of Digital Pricing for eBooks Kill Nook? (Digital Book World)
Many pixels have been spilled of late on Barnes & Noble’s downward trajectory*. Needless to say, things aren’t going well right now for the largest bookstore chain in the U.S. And I think the Department of Justice’s actions against Apple and the five largest U.S. publishers have something to do with it. There are a few factors at play: competition and profits.
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How One Author Used Public Domain Images to Create Book Cover (GalleyCat)
Exploring the public domain Kunstformen der Natur, writer Casey Dexter turned a gorgeous 1904 illustration into part of an eye-catching book cover.
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Kindle Daily Deals: “Never Change” by Elizabeth Berg (and) three epic fantasies in the “Dragonlore” series (and 2 others)


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