Kindle WorldsBarnes & Noble Spins College Bookstores Into Separate Company (GoodeReader)
Barnes and Noble has announced their intention of spinning off their college bookstore division into its own autonomous unit called Barnes and Noble for Education.

Assessing the Health of Independent Bookstores (NYT)
In a 1936 essay, George Orwell recognized one of the main difficulties of owning an independent bookshop: turning a profit.

JA Konrath Joins Kindle Worlds, Lets Contributors Keep More Control (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
And best of all, the contributing authors get to keep the rights to the characters they create.

Should We Care About Douglas Coupland? (Torontoist)
The Canadian artist-novelist came up with his best ideas 20 years ago. Here’s why we’re still paying attention.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter and others

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