46.jpgRomance publisher Harlequin has hit the Nintendo DS in Japan, according to the press release.

Thirty-three titles will be offered with five of them being new titles and three of them being titles that were formerly available only on line. The books have been enhanced by offering some interactive features – a “concierge” that allows you to navigate stories by mood or type of heroine, character correlation charts and lists that are updated along with plot developments, narrative annotations including maps for locations, digital bookmarks, story recaps that bring readers up to where they last left off, a choice of background music, author introductions and images, polls on hero ranking, review rankings by other users via Wi-Fi connection and more.


  1. From my days at Borders, I can tell you Harlequins are VERY popular. If Nintendo released a cartridge ever month or two, they would all sell like hotcakes.

    I still remember my first day at Borders, trying to get a handle on everything, and a woman asked me for the “Harley Quinns”. I spent a solid 5 minutes tearing my hair out looking for them before I realized she meant “harlequin”. D’oh!

  2. seriously I just bought the 100 classic books online released in the us and I am soooo excited!. I hope that Nintendo will release more. My grandmother can even read these easily due to the large print and the backlighting of the system. Release more in the US, asap!

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