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If you’re a Barnes & Noble customer and the owner of the Nook eReader or any device with a Nook app installed, you probably check out the Nook Daily Find page pretty often.

For daily updates off Nook Daily Find you can connect with Barnes & Noble Nook profiles on Twitter or Facebook. You can also get official email notifications, but B&N doesn’t offer RSS feed, which for me personally, is the most convenient way to pull all what’s important to my RSS reader.

Some time ago we created an RSS feed for Kindle Daily Deal, and have decided to make a similar thing for Nook Daily Find.

The feed is dedicated exclusively for Nook Daily Find. It’s powered by Yahoo Pipes, and updates automatically every day, as soon as the new book is added to the Nook Daily Find official page on Barnes & Noble site.

From time to time we’ll also add manual entries – when the automatic update doesn’t work or when the Nook Daily Find is especially interesting. The feed is powered by FeedBurner, so you can choose the preferred way of delivery:

Nook Daily Find RSS | Nook Daily Find Email

The major benefit of having the deal arriving via the feed is that you don’t have to remember to check it every day. The message arrives either to your email inbox or to your favorite RSS feed reader – and it prompts you to read about the deal. A clear benefit is that you will visit the Nook Store only when you have the intention to buy a specific book.

Technically, the content of the feed heavily relies on the original page from the Nook Store. Some blank or multiple entries may be generated. We keep track of them, but feel free to let us know about any issues which may arise.

* * *

Please note, that Nook Daily Finds, just like all items from the Nook Store, are available only to US customers.

A lot of ebook deals, including Nook Daily Find, can be found on our special page, which is being refreshed a couple of times a day: Top ebook deals.

Below there is a screenshot how Nook Daily Find looks in Google Reader.

Nook Daily Find in Google Reader

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