Jetbook color

Well, this is bound to be a failure.  According to Liliputing Ectaco will launch a color Jetbook featuring a 9.7 inch, 600×800 E Ink display.  It will also have WiFi, a touchscreen and an SD card slot.

Color e-ink is far from ready, featuring pastel colors and a low contrast ratio.  I can’t imagine US consumers paying the $350 price when they compare it, as they are going to do, with vibrant color tablets and smartphones.


  1. Have to agree with you. Not because I think that a color ereader is a bad idea (a la Nosowitz [] , but rather, because this technology is immature and the company is an also ran. When one of the top tier companies develops and produces a product that provides colors at least on par with a newspaper, the readability in sunlight and the long battery life will compel folks to buy it. LCD and OLED have a long way to go in that regard, regardless of what some fanboi iPad owners would like to believe.

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