New Features

  • Conversion: Detect and remove fake page margins that are specified as a margin on (nearly) every paragraph.
  • Windows build: All the python code and recipes are now put into zip files. This should decrease the amount of time the windows installer spends ‘calculating free space’
  • OSX and Linux: Add a setting in Preferences->Behavior to control the priority with which calibre worker processes run. This setting was already available on windows.
  • Driver for HTC Thunderbolt, T-Mobile Optimus, Archos 43 and Blackberry OS6
  • A new ‘authors type’ custom column
  • When building calibre from source note that calibre now absolutely requires python >= 2.7
  • Add the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+R to restart calibre in debug mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fix dragging and dropping lots of books from the book list to the Tag Browser was broken
  • Change the shebang in the calibre launcher script on linux to explicitly use python2 rather than python
  • When adding formats do not corrupt the added file if the user tries to add an existing format to itself
  • Fix drag and drop to add files that contain the # character in the filename
  • Tag editor shouldn’t add empty tags
  • MOBI Input: Handle MOBI files that have a too large ‘number of records’ field in their headers.
  • News download: Update RSS feedparser module to latest version
  • Various fixes to the zipfile module in calibre to handle 64 bit zipfiles and bring it up to date with the zip file module in the python stdlib
  • News download: Handle titles with ASCII control codes in them.
  • Make search hierarchies show simple names instead of compound ones.
  • Fix commas in author names being converted to pipe symbols in the book details window
  • Fix PocketBook can’t always find epub cover image to create thumbnail


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