New Features

  • A new ‘highlight matches’ search mode
  • RTF Input: Improved support for conversion of images. The bug where some images were shrunk should no longer happen
  • Template language: Allow you to create your own formatting functions. Accessible via Preferences->Advanced->Template functions
  • News download: Convert various HTML 5 tags into
    to support readers that cannot handle HTML 5 tags
  • RTF metadata: Add support for publisher and tags.
  • BibTeX catalog: Add support for custom columns
  • TXT Input: Support for textile markup
  • Various minor tweaks to improve usability of Preferences->Plugins
  • TXT Output: Convert

    to scene break marker.
  • Support for the Archos 70
  • SONY Driver: Add an option to automatically refresh the covers on every connect. Accessible via: Preferences->Plugins->Device interface plugins
  • Add access to the larger template editor from plugboards via context menu.
  • Speed improvement when connecting a large library to a device
  • Speedup when searching on multiple words in a large library
  • TXT Input: Add a heauristic formatting processor

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that caused automatic news removal to remove any book that has a tag that contains the word ‘news’ instead of only books that have the tag News
  • Refactor the downloading social metadata message box to allow canceling.
  • Kobo drive does not deal with Null value in DateCreated column
  • MOBI Input: Fix regression that caused images placed inside svg tags to be discarded
  • Fix selecting Tablet output profile would actually select the Samsung Galaxy S profile
  • Catalog generation: Fix a condition that could cause TOCs to not be properly generated in MOBI format catalogs
  • Zip file reading: Be more tolerant when a zip file has a damaged file directory
  • RTF Input: Various code cleanups. Go back to trying to handle unicode mappings without pre-processing. This will mean that some RTF files that used to convert, won’t anymore. Please open tickets and attach them.
  • ImageMagick: When identifying an image don’t read the entire image
  • FB2 Output: Add cover to FB2 metadata.
  • Fix inability to customize builting recipe when more than one recipe has the same name
  • RTF Input: Fix regression that broke the Preprocess HTML option
  • Fix XSS vulnerability in content server.
  • TXT Output: Clean up and produce consistant output. Spacing around headings. Headings are not indented when using the remove paragraph spacing option.
  • Catalog generation: Handle invalid covers gracefully
  • Email settings: Before displaying the email test dialog warn the user that it will expose their email password
  • PDB Output: Fix regression that caused some PDB files to not work with other software


  1. You definitely should consider waiting before installing this update. There are a number of support tickets on Calibre’s website for Windows and OSX users who updated.

    After you install it, Calibre will no longer run. There’s some sort of Python error.

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