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This looks interesting, but a bit technical for me.  From the Digital Publishing blog:

As a short diversion from the magnificence of XHTML for publisher content series, we are just a very short time away from releasing AZARDI 2011, our new version of the digital content reader first launched in 2009.

AZARDI 2011 is ePub, and HTML5 ready. It is sort of ePub3+ ready with a few conditional rules (we are leaving out the stupid bits). AZARDI 1 was very ePub strict, AZARDI 2011 displays just about anything XHTML(5) because that is the requirement for any reader in 2011.  It bifircates ePub and HTML5 and is effectively two readers working from one framework.

AZARDI 2011 is ready for a changing digital content future. It does ePubs, and allows App-like publisher products using IGP:FoundationXHTML, without the overheads of custom app creation. It is really important to state right here AZARDI does display books/e-books, but it is not just about books. The target is controlled distribution of high-value digital content.

AZARDI is not trying to compete with other eBook readers. The canvas is bigger, or at least different! We actually call it a Digital Content Reader Framework. Besides displaying boring old ePubs, it is designed as the receiver for sophisticated channel content delivered from an environment controlled by publishers or their agents. In the commercial avatar it supports Offers, Rights and Agreement controls, AKA the dreaded DRM.

A lot more information is available on the blog. Thanks to Laisvunas Sopauskas for the heads-up.


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