Attention, TeleRead readers! If you use the writing website (and since it has to do with writing, there is probably a better-than-average chance that some of you do), you should change your password right away! And if you use the same password for Writerspace that you have used elsewhere, you should change it there as well.

The cracker group Lulzsec has released a password file with over 62,000 e-mail addresses and passwords which were apparently scooped from that site. Although the file has been taken down, it was almost certainly downloaded and mirrored to various hacker sites before that happened. Gizmodo has set up a page where people can find out whether their passwords have been compromised.

It appears this group Lulzsec is trying to act like gray hats and demonstrate the insecurity of many websites in as flagrant a manner as possible. While this is a laudable goal – let’s face it, most people aren’t careful enough with their passwords – the methods the group is using are contemptible.

Since a lot of people reuse the same passwords a lot, this means that scooping passwords from one site such as Writerspace could provide keys to e-mail, PayPal, Twitter, and other accounts as well. If they’re going to keep hitting sites like this, it is probably a good time to think about diversifying your passwords in general.


  1. Better than that. Buy 1Password, or get it during a MacHeist sale. Works with Mac and Win, and they have a variety of mobile apps.

    It used to have a no-brainer learning curve. Now it’s 1/2 hour of wading through vids. There is none better. Period.

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