If you don’t know about Worldreader, here’s the short version: it’s a charitable project devoted to giving Kindles and ebooks to change the lives of disadvantaged kids in Africa.

It’s a brilliant program and, considering they have sent almost 40,000 books to Ghana in the last 4 months, it’s making a big impact.

The find out more about the project, donate time or money (or books) or just read some really heartwarming stories, check it out here, or the blog.

There’s also plenty of that in this month’s newsletter:

Exactly a year ago in the village of Anenyah, Ghana, Worldreader first saw the impact we could have on how the developing world reads. Now we’d like to introduce you to Deborah Tetteh in our newest video.  Deborah, a student at Kade Junior High School, is reading aloud in class 48 hours after given her new e-reader, and is already inspired to become a doctor.  Have a look.

March has been a whirlwind of a month.  We’re absolutely thrilled to see how many authors have joined our mission by donating the use of their books.  We officially signed an agreement to begin working in Kenya this spring with The Kilgoris Project.  Of course, there have also been challenges: in fact, Zev is now on the ground in Ghana working with our team to help.  But the challenges are small in light of the overall picture: this is working. Thank you to everyone who is supporting our mission: Books for All!

Via Jason Davis’ Book Bee


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