Woot iconWith all the splash headlines about the $49.99 Kindle Fire 7 and the follow-up posts about other great deals putting everyone in a bargain-hunting mood, here’s some more good news for tightwads: at least, Android-using ones. Woot!, the popular bargain-hunting portal, has at last released an app for Android – well, almost. The Woot! app is not yet available on public release via the Google Play Store, but instead is available as a beta for those willing to sign up as beta testers. And yes, I’m now one of them.

Just in case anyone needs reminding, Woot! is not only the internet’s Number One purveyor of !!!s, but is also “the original daily deals site, founded in 2004. Originally, Woot offered one product per day until its stock of that item sold out, or until the product was replaced at midnight Central Time with the next offering. Today, we offer multiple daily deals and other short-term sales across 11 different categories, plus special site-wide events like Woot-Offs and other shenanigans.”

The new Woot! listing on Google Play introduces “An all-new, Woot-certified OFFICIAL app for Android! So. Much. Cheap. Up to 70% off on everything you need, and then some things you don’t need, and then also some things you don’t even want but buy anyway for reasons unknown!” New Stuff in the app includes “An all-new, mobile-optimized layout! Today Only view: Quickly scan the featured daily deals and content! Best Sellers view: Check out what other customers are loving! Browse view: See and sort all the deals by category! A faster, integrated checkout experience!” And Favorite Features familiar to Woot! users elsewhere include “App-exclusive deals and jokes! Notifications to signal the start of Woot-offs and Bags of Crap! Thousands of deals on electronics, home goods, sports, fashion, and more! An overabundance of exclamation points!”

And if that “overabundance of exclamation points” isn’t enough to make you go Woot!, just remember, next time you want to find that ereader or gadget deal that can even undercut the new Kindle Fire 7, all you may need to do is Woot! How about that???!!! Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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