ebook reader speciesThis infographic by Laura E. Kelly is making the blog rounds. Kelly aims to categorize book readers into dozens of types, ranging from ‘chronological’ reader who must read every book in a series, to the ‘book rescuer’ who rescues about-to-be-discarded books from garage sales and garbage piles.

It’s a cute, and well-done little guide, but it completely ignores the e-reader. Here are some ebook types I would have liked to see listed on Kelly’s otherwise exhaustive chart:

– The gadget collector: this ebook fan enjoys playing with new reader devices, and probably has several ‘antique’ readers of days past hanging around in addition to their current pet machine.

– The freebie hoarder: this ebook reader collects books of the free and discount book lists. They may read only a fraction of them, but they enjoy having a large amount of titles in their cloud to choose from.

– The social phobic: this reader prefers to keep their reading habits to themselves, thank you very much. A device which can function in off-line mode, free of social media features or cloud-based tracking from Big Brother is essential.

– The classicist: this person collects classical and public domain titles from sites like Mobile Read and Project Gutenberg and if they do buy, they buy ‘complete works’ collections off of Amazon or Delphi Classics, which feature the collected works of every major author.

– The OCDer: this person removes the DRM from all of their purchases so that they can reformat the fonts, correct the typos and otherwise modify the format of their books to their own specifications.

– The synccer: This person is always on the go and may have one of several devices with them, so they value the ability to sync across devices and resume their spot, whether they are on their phone, their tablet, their computer or their e-ink reader.

So, anybody want to make an updated e-friendly infographic?


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