Is it just me, or has book art gotten much, much more intricate and surreal than it was, say, a decade ago? Some of this stuff is just beyond belief. If I was independently wealthy and wanted to start an art collection, there are some of the pieces I’d love to pick up:

Names of artists | Clockwise, starting from upper-left:

Kaspen | Robert The | Lucy Norman | Brian Dettmer | Georgia Russell | Nicholas Galanin


  1. I actually cringe at the thought of distroying any book for “art”. I don’t think I could ever not feel uneasy with something like this in my livingroom, though I like the old man in the jar, in the hopes that that book was left intact and wool used for his beard and hair.

  2. I definitely feel you on that, Xendula, but don’t forget: Hundreds of thousands of books end up in garbage dumps and landfills every year, all over the world. So in a sense, creating art like this is a way of respecting books that might have otherwise ended up being pulped or otherwise trashed. I know that’s where Lucy Norman’s light chandeliers come from, at least. Here’s the link where she explains it:

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