epub splitUsing ePub Split to Create Individual Books From Your Collection from Box Sets (Dear Author)
The 99c price tag for these epic box sets of 8, 10, and 14 sets of novels is awesome. However, reading them on a digital device is suboptimal. You don’t get a very good idea of where you are in the novel based on page count or percentage or locations. Further, it’s hard to catalog these books since there are multiple authors for the box set.

Why Features, Not Speed, Determine How People Select iOS Browsers (GigaOM)
Apple may think they hold all the cards when it comes to browser performance on iOS, but the benchmark results speak for themselves. Beyond speed, there are some unique browser features to choose from in the App Store.

Amazon to Launch their Smartphone in June (The Digital Reader)
Rumors about Amazon’s smartphone have been circulating since 2011, and today it suddenly got a firm release date and a some impressive specs.

Rightscorp to Battle eBook Pirates (GoodeReader)
They developed extensive tracking analytics that allows them to see what content is being distributed through Bittorrent and file sharing sites and then goes after the people involved. It looks the company is gearing up to take on the publishing industry industry and actively go after eBook pirates.

Kindle Daily Deals: Bloodline (and others)

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