godwin's lawHitler’s Book Rising in Non-Fiction Charts (GoodeReader)
Move over, ebook authors, there’s a new bestselling author to watch out for. The fact that he was evil and responsible for the slaughter of millions of people shouldn’t matter, right?

As Sites and Services Become Aware, the Age of Pervasive Commerce Begins (GigaOM)
Get ready for a “product aware” world in which wearables, location and machine learning blur the lines between online and real world commerce to deliver hyper targeted results.

Earn a High School Diploma at the Los Angeles Public Library (GalleyCat)
The Los Angeles Public Library has formed a partnership with a private digital learning company. Together, they will launch a program to help residents, who are secondary school dropouts, earn accredited high school diplomas.

Redefining the Middleman (Digital Book World)
Generate a word-cloud from publishing commentary over the past half-decade, and “disintermediation” would undoubtedly appear in large type.

Kindle Daily Deals: Four Suspenseful Thrillers (and more)

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  1. Re the rise in paid-for digital copies of Mein Kampf, I wondered why people are paying for these eBooks when there are numerous translations available for free via the Internet Archive (IA). This example (https://archive.org/details/MeinKampf_154) can be had in every popular format and can even be read online in the IA’s web-based eReader.
    The only explanation I could come up with is that a substantial number of eBook readers are either unaware of the existence of free eBooks generally or free digital versions of this particular title, or they prefer to spend money rather than the effort required or they simply don’t know how to acquire and load free eBooks into their eReaders.
    The research in this field seems to focus exclusively on “sales” as the only metric that matters. However, if we are really interested in understanding digital reading, writing and culture, we also need to look at those aspects of the field that don’t involve money changing hands.

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