dragon tattoo seriesThe Girl With The Bank Account Tattoo (Mike Cane’s xBlog)
This bad news just in via @sarahw on Twitter: Quercus to publish fourth book in Larsson’s Dragon Tattoo series

Social Media Companies Really Need To Get Better At … Social Media (ReadWrite)
When social media companies change important functions without notice, they risk social backlash from users—often enough, a backlash transmitted by the company’s own platforms.

New Update for Nook HD Adds Adverts, Accessibility, and Dutch/French/German Dictionaries (The Digital Reader)
B&N rolled out an update for their beleaguered Android tablets this week and included a surprise bonus.

As Amazon’s Stock Hits All-Time High, Warehouse Issues Under Scrutiny (All Things D)
If you’re an Amazon investor, you’re happy these days… But inside Amazon, another issue is getting attention: What Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone referred to earlier this week as “a small but growing drumbeat of dissatisfaction” in its network of warehouses.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Orchardist (and 4 others)

Editor’s Note: These are being posted by me today because Joanna’s been hit by a nasty ice storm and is without power. Send warm thoughts her way!


  1. I have to agree that it’s sad that a new writer has been hired to continue Larssons characters. It’s like there is some cultural sickness that will not allow a story that could be a franchise to end. I liked the original books but I’ll pass when this one comes out. Even if Larsson had lived I felt as if I had enough of the characters after three books.

  2. What is your problem with the fourth book of Millennium trilogy? It is not like somebody is going to force you to read it. Just ignore it and let people that want to read about Lisbeth read that thing.
    You have just provided them with another free advertising.
    Obviously Larson’s estate has no problem with somebody else using the characters and the brand.

  3. @Name Required, actually I don’t have a problem with it and I’m curious to see what it’s like. However, I recognize that not everyone will feel the same way, and I thought Mike Cane had some good points in his article, which made it worthy of including in the links post.

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