best seller listWhat’s Wrong with Buying Your Way Onto the Best Seller List? (The Passive Voice)
PG is inclined to think that, if one or more companies offer to place a book onto the NYT, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best seller lists, those best seller lists are gamed on a regular basis.

The Problem with Pandora and Why It’s Time to Clean Up the Digital Music Mess (GigaOm)
A court ruled that Pandora should pay songwriters about the same amount as AM/FM stations. The ruling may seem fair, but it disguises the much deeper problems of an outdated system for compensating musicians.

Beyond the Bank: Bookstores and Alternate Funding (Publishers Weekly)
Ever since Janet Geddis launched one of the first bookstore crowdfunding campaigns in March 2010 to raise money to open Avid Bookshop in Athens, Ga., Indiegogo and, to a lesser extent, Kickstarter, have become the go-to places for cash-strapped booksellers trying to open a bookstore, add a second location, or move an existing one.

What to do with an Android Tablet with a Broken Screen (The Digital Reader)
If you’ve owned more than one mobile device chances are you still have the old one sitting around (unless you’ve sold it, which is the smart thing to do).

Kindle Daily Deals: Strike Force (and others)


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